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Stewardship Activity

Participation in Japan's Stewardship Code

Resona Asset Management Co., Ltd. (the Company) endorses the Principles of Responsible Institutional Investors known as "Japan's Stewardship Code" revised in May 2017, and has declared its acceptance of these principles in June 2017.

In order to improve investment services, the Company has consolidated the asset management functions of Resona Group and updated its action policy in January 2020.
Moreover, in accordance with the recent revisions to Japan's Stewardship Code, the Company has updated its action policy. While the revised action policy was developed with the asset management of Japan’s listed stocks in mind, the Company will abide by the Code in the investment of other assets.

Action Policy Concerning Japan's Stewardship Code

The Company has established its own action policy on the seven principles considered useful in fulfilling its stewardship responsibility as follows.

Action Policy on Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors <Japan’s Stewardship Code>

Stewardship Activity Status

The Company publishes stewardship reports which summarize the details of specific cases of dialogue and engagement to promote understanding of our philosophy and status of our actions with regard to stewardship activities.

2021/2022 Resona Stewardship Report

2020/2021 Resona Stewardship Report